1 Hour With Lucas Leiva @LFC @LucasLeiva87 #TweetLucas

I am an avid Liverpool supporter. Sometimes I like to walk around Manchester with my LFC shirt on to provoke reaction. Stupid, I know, but what can I say? I’m incredibly proud of my team, even in light recent heartache that is, the league table.

You can imagine I obviously follow @LFC, because, as a football teams twitter account is expected to do, it gives us, the fans, daily news on our team. But @LFC like to go the extra mile, proof of this is that they recently won a Shorty Award in the #sportsteam category. You might not know what a Shorty Award is, but when you consider the list of winners; NASA (#government), Selena Gomez(#actress), Jonas Brothers (#band – *shudder*), Justin Bieber (#celebrity), you begin to realise how global these awards are, making @LFC’s victory a somewhat, prestigious accolade, especially when you take into account the colossal following and support which other Football teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United and American Football teams have.

Back to the “extra mile”. Last week they had our old Spanish wonderkid Luis Garcia doing a Q&A, but this week, they had our new Brazilian wonderkid, Lucas Leiva, on hand – or should I say computer – to answer our questions.

Lucas is currently recovering from a season ending injury, which he picked up facing Chelsea in the Carling Cup quarter final back in November. We went on to win, so it wasn’t in vain, but that’s not to say our season hasn’t taken a major hit from it.

Here it is:

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