Microsoft Surface – Movement

This is Microsoft’s new advert for their latest product, The Surface, which by the looks of it, is just a tablet with an attachable keyboard.

Innovation, at its finest…

I think it works because amongst the catchy beat and dancing, there is a slight functional element to it. I think the downside is that, at the end of the day, it’s just a tablet with an attachable keyboard. The dancing, bright colours and everything else you see, is just there to disguise the fact that this product brings nothing new or different to an already overcrowded market.


Usain Bolt is… Richard Branson

“Hi, I’m Richard Branson”.

Virgin Medias latest advert featuring Olympic Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt. Posing as Richard Branson, wearing a mock goatee and using his signature celebratory stance, this advert uses humour to deliver the message, “we’re faster than everybody else” – don’t worry ASA – I’m paraphrasing.

It works because; I believe shows great personality, that a man as powerful as Richard Branson can get the michael taken out of him. Bolt’s personality shines through too, he seems like one of the guys, and the Jamaican accent gets me every time.

Here’s a little background information; Usain Bolt ran his way to victory in 2008, Continue reading

Fight or Flight – Nokia’s Answer To Falling Profits?


Nokia’s profits have been taking nose dives thanks to Apple & Android in recent years and this is their answer.

It’s a concept at the moment and most concepts end up in the bin, but it has put some focus back onto Nokia. I don’t really know what to think of it, I mean it is awesome, but having a phone as an object is fine for me, some sort of “seamless integration” doesn’t really tickle my fancy.