1 Hour With Lucas Leiva @LFC @LucasLeiva87 #TweetLucas

I am an avid Liverpool supporter. Sometimes I like to walk around Manchester with my LFC shirt on to provoke reaction. Stupid, I know, but what can I say? I’m incredibly proud of my team, even in light recent heartache that is, the league table.

You can imagine I obviously follow @LFC, because, as a football teams twitter account is expected to do, it gives us, the fans, daily news on our team. But @LFC like to go the extra mile, proof of this is that they recently won a Shorty Award in the #sportsteam category. You might not know what a Shorty Award is, but when you consider the list of winners; NASA (#government), Selena Gomez(#actress), Jonas Brothers (#band – *shudder*), Justin Bieber (#celebrity), you begin to realise how global these awards are, making @LFC’s victory a somewhat, prestigious accolade, especially when you take into account the colossal following and support which other Football teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United and American Football teams have.

Back to the “extra mile”. Last week they had our old Spanish wonderkid Luis Garcia doing a Q&A, but this week, they had our new Brazilian wonderkid, Lucas Leiva, on hand – or should I say computer – to answer our questions.

Lucas is currently recovering from a season ending injury, which he picked up facing Chelsea in the Carling Cup quarter final back in November. We went on to win, so it wasn’t in vain, but that’s not to say our season hasn’t taken a major hit from it.

Here it is:

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James Cameron Tweets From The Deep

Sitting in work today, naughtily scanning the news, I came across this. I’ve been pretty out of touch lately, my usual 20+ tweets a day have been reduced to 2 or 3, so I had no idea of what he was attempting.

If like me, you had no clue, then allow me to fill you in: Yesterday, March 25th, Titanic Director, James Cameron, became the first man to solo dive to the lowest point of the Pacific Ocean, the Marina Trench.

So whilst I’m sitting here in my apartment, above sea level, in civilisation, I’m somewhat struggling to receive a call as my signal is that bad, but he can send a tweet from the most desolate place on Earth? Sort it out Orange.

Japanese Facebook: Disaster Board

Facebook angers me sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its uses; you can keep track of birthdays, events, share your holiday photos, and you can even look at your ex girlfriends new boyfriend.

But generally, it pisses me off. The whole thing is just a little too ostentatious for my liking… All people ever seem to do, is seek approval; if it is by posting that song that everyone already likes and knows, or the thousands of photos of the same 4 people in the same club they went to last week and the week before, titled by some “funny” quote that one of them blurted out, right before they puked up those 5 tequilas on their shoes.

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The Bark Side

Keeping in line with last years Superbowl commercial, Volkswagen have cleverly crafted this canine orchestra to bark the Imperial March from Star Wars, as a teaser for their latest. The minute long clip has only been on Youtube a day, yet it has accumulated 250,000 views already! I love the “Walker” dog, and “Chewbacca” dog especially, clever little additions.

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Escape The Map?

I’ve been meaning to Google this for so long now.

What IS Escape the Map?

“Destined to a life of solitude within the confines of Streetview, Marie needs your help to escape. It’s a strange world inside Streetview, and its effects on the human mind can be surprising; a place where life is anything but ordinary – a world full of glitches and digital vortexes.”

Well it seems what you have to do is help Marie “escape the map” (yes I know that bit is obvious) and in doing so you will be entered into a prize draw to win the Mercedes C Class Coupé. Basically you’re stuck in a real life Google Map and you have to pick a few directions to help her escape. Very Matrix. Very surreal.

You can also tweet Marie to give her some help, in return she’s giving away free Mercedes USB memory stick. (Yes please)

So I’ve just completed it now anyway, I helped her “escape the map”, at the end you’re required to give the girl your phone number and after that you enter in some of your details… Yes I caved, but you win a Merc! Who wouldn’t?!

I’m sitting here typing this all up and I get a phone call from an Unknown Number. I answer. It was Marie. Telling me how she’s safely back in London and to be careful. Nice touch.

At least I know what it’s all about now, don’t forget to cross your fingers for me! If I win I’ll give you all a ride somewhere nice?

A great campaign from Mercedes though and a great way for a company to use Social Media to provoke interaction with the consumers by appealing to their curiousity, as it did with me.

Strangest 5 minutes of my life though.

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Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook

Since it’s launch in 2004, Facebook has gained 800 million users and a possible revenue of $100 billion. Totally revolutionising the way we use the internet and how we market it. This documentary follows Emily Maitlis as she reports from Facebook HQ in Los Angeles and gets a rare interview from the man behind it, Mark Zuckerberg.

For all of you interested in digital marketing then this programme is invaluable as it shows you how Facebook is using our personal information in a new way to market to ourselves and our peers.

Mark Zuckerberg: Inside Facebook is available on iPlayer here.

QPR & Twitter

Chairman of QPR, Tony Fernandez, took to Twitter recently to ask their followers for recommendations of new signings. Apparently they were met with an abundance of replies and are taking into consideration quite a few of them.

“You effectively have 100,000 scouts out there for you, and there is no way QPR could know every single player.

“Suddenly we have players we’ve never heard of, and Neil is looking at videos and thinking ‘not bad’.”

They’ve managed to interact with their fans and gain some vital information for free. Tony Fernandez is a genius, but is he modest?

“I have to say it was inspired by me.”

I guess not, oh well!

Speaking of QPR, follow fellow Scouser Joey Barton, seems to have a few braincells up there, unlike most footballers.

Original article from SkySports

The Volkswagen Time Machine

Volkswagen have been updating their Facebook page with new videos from their “Time Machine”, the campaign for the anniversary of their Golf GTi.

This one is a song from the Tigertailz called Love Bomb Baby, the car can be spotted through-out various scenes throughout the video, as well as the two drivers dancing.

They are now up to 1990 so I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar scenes!

My original article is here

Lynx – Lucy Pinder Apologises

In relation to my prior post about the number of complaints received over the Lynx campaign, they’ve released a cheeky apology.

The video shows Lucy Pinder in a thick, long sleeved wooly jumper, unpacking from a box labelled “lynx props”, the “news line” type banner reading “Lynx apologises for the offence it’s caused”.

“This week we got a fair few complaints about our online Lucy Pinder stuff, and had to pull the lot down. We wanted to apologise and show that we wouldn’t make the same mistake again. So we gave Lucy a call, and asked for our stuff back..”

A great response from the brand over what was clearly meant as a bit of humour. They’ve apologised but still kept their cool.