I love all the lego print ads, especially the new ones pictured below. Not only are they incredibly creative in the design, but to parents, they show the potential inner creativity that their child can achieve, and since the brand has been around for a long time, probably since they were little; evokes that imagination they can use to connect with their children.

Harvey Nichols Sale

Three great print ads from DDB UK for Harvey Nichols.

Durex Print

Saw these three ads on Waleed’s blog just before. Three creatively cheeky adverts from Durex are designed to make you think twice.

Simple, yet effective.

They’ve always been quite cheeky though haven’t they?

But it’s clever. It’s memorable and that’s exactly what they want, though I wouldn’t say it was very eye catching.
After all it’s not a laughing matter with sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, and even worse, kids.