Volkswagen Time Machine – The Return!

I’ve just gone over to the “Time Machine” on Volkswagens Facebook page to check for updates and I’m pleased to say that both drivers have returned home, safe and sound.




There’s a few more cameo appearances in the form of print here, too. I enjoyed that little campaign. Volkswagens advertising is superb.


Volkswagen Cabriolet – Thank You For The Days

Whilst researching DDB London for my previous post I stumbled upon this little ad.

I absolutely love the thought process behind this, it works, I made the connection after the first scene.

They have used nostalgia to promote VW’s new Golf Cabriolet

“Volkswagen UK and DDB UK have joined forces to mark the return of the Golf Cabriolet after 9 years away from market. The aim of the campaign is to drive awareness of the new Golf Cabriolet, add some fun to the Volkswagen brand and ultimately drive conversion to sales of the VW Golf Cabriolet.”

Here it is, check it out.

Escape The Map?

I’ve been meaning to Google this for so long now.

What IS Escape the Map?

“Destined to a life of solitude within the confines of Streetview, Marie needs your help to escape. It’s a strange world inside Streetview, and its effects on the human mind can be surprising; a place where life is anything but ordinary – a world full of glitches and digital vortexes.”

Well it seems what you have to do is help Marie “escape the map” (yes I know that bit is obvious) and in doing so you will be entered into a prize draw to win the Mercedes C Class Coupé. Basically you’re stuck in a real life Google Map and you have to pick a few directions to help her escape. Very Matrix. Very surreal.

You can also tweet Marie to give her some help, in return she’s giving away free Mercedes USB memory stick. (Yes please)

So I’ve just completed it now anyway, I helped her “escape the map”, at the end you’re required to give the girl your phone number and after that you enter in some of your details… Yes I caved, but you win a Merc! Who wouldn’t?!

I’m sitting here typing this all up and I get a phone call from an Unknown Number. I answer. It was Marie. Telling me how she’s safely back in London and to be careful. Nice touch.

At least I know what it’s all about now, don’t forget to cross your fingers for me! If I win I’ll give you all a ride somewhere nice?

A great campaign from Mercedes though and a great way for a company to use Social Media to provoke interaction with the consumers by appealing to their curiousity, as it did with me.

Strangest 5 minutes of my life though.

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Escape The Map here

The Volkswagen Time Machine

Volkswagen have been updating their Facebook page with new videos from their “Time Machine”, the campaign for the anniversary of their Golf GTi.

This one is a song from the Tigertailz called Love Bomb Baby, the car can be spotted through-out various scenes throughout the video, as well as the two drivers dancing.

They are now up to 1990 so I’m looking forward to seeing some familiar scenes!

My original article is here

The Vanishing Car – Volkswagen Invents Time Travel

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Golf, Volkwagen have created a new Facebook Campaign called “The Vanishing Car”.







“The Vanishing Car” starts with two videos:

Video 1: A woman showing the staged audience their new car and introducing them to the drivers, the car then drags across the room and disappears, leaving behind it a trail of flames, some very shocked people and the words “To be continued at VolkswagenUK (Facebook page logo).

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