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Blind Leading The Blind – David Beckham

Ok, hands up who loves David Beckham? Me too, what’s not to love? He’s a talented footballer, mega rich, extremely handsome, charitable and a family man. An all around good guy, right? Right.

So ahead of the 2012 Olympics, David Beckham has gotten a feel for blind football by joining the Paralympics Team GB for a training session as a part of Sainsbury’s new campaign. Funnily enough he actually manages to score a penalty whilst blind folded, so there’s definitely no excuse for this miss.

What a great guy though.

Today Stuart Pearce has announced that David Beckham will be shortlisted for the 2012 Olympics. Last month, the LA Galaxy star spoke out about how winning gold would be the “ultimate achievement“,¬†and expressed his desire to be included in Team GB.

Fight or Flight – Nokia’s Answer To Falling Profits?


Nokia’s profits have been taking nose dives thanks to Apple & Android in recent years and this is their answer.

It’s a concept at the moment and most concepts end up in the bin, but it has put some focus back onto Nokia. I don’t really know what to think of it, I mean it is awesome, but having a phone as an object is fine for me, some sort of “seamless integration” doesn’t really tickle my fancy.

Goliath vs Goliath – Google Music to take on iTunes / Unreleased Rolling Stones!

Google Music has been released today and is set to take on iTunes in a clash of the titans.

They are currently boasting contracts with 20 huge record labels including EMI, Universal and Sony but currently having a 13 million track library it’s nothing to iTunes’ 18 million. You have to start somewhere though right?

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How We Made Our Millions

It’s currently 2:15 AM. I’m sitting here straining to keep my eyes open but it’s been worth it so far.

I logged onto Twitter earlier and saw a tweet from Peter Jones,

“Unreal feedback.Going to stop saying thanks in a minute but your comments are so bloody kind.So,Thank you for watching¬†#howwemadeourmillions (@dragonjones)”

So I found it on BBC iPlayer, what an excellent program that was! Very insightful, they definitely need to turn it into a series. I saw a lot of similarities in Michelle Mone (of Ultimo) and myself, she’s very bossy, organised and business

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