David Beckham Statue?

I always thought that, if David Beckham was to get a statue, it would be something to do with his football, or his contribution to sport. Definitely not his bills.

But, I shit you not, a 10ft iron sculpture has appeared in the middle of Manhattan to promote his latest line of underwear from the Swedish retailer, H&M.

Beckham said: “I’m very happy that so far people seem to like it, and the first season was incredibly successful.

“The challenge is to keep it going and establish a brand that will last many years. That is my ambition.””

I’ve never seen such hype created around underwear, so it’s obviously working. Clearly “Brand Beckham” is the worlds third largest superpower after Russia and China, which surprises me more that he’s played such a safe bet by releasing an underwear line instead of a clothing line. Perhaps this is just a start of things to come?

Check out those buns of steel, ladies.

There are said to be other statues to be unveiled at LA and San Fran.


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