Coors Light | Jean Claude Van Damme | Imprints

I’m probably a little late off the mark on these adverts for Coors Light, but I’ve been an admirer for some time, so what the hell? Perhaps it’s ’cause I love Van Damme? His old films, Bloodsport and Kickboxer, are both classics and I grew up worshipping them. The one particular scene that always springs to mind is where he’s strengthening his shins by attacking the bamboo. I forget which one it’s from, if you know, leave me a comment! I recommend them both, if you haven’t seen them, there’s a few laughs, but I won’t give anything away.

Imprints is the sixth advert featuring Van Damme, and as in the rest, it depicts him up a mountain, trying to “recreate the ice cold refreshment of Coors Light”. Though, this time, it’s through snow angels. I think it works because the message is very straight to the point. It’s also very original, but the humour is quite dry/silly. I say “but”, because some may view that as a bad thing. For me, that’s why I love it, it’s quite British. The adverts startled me at first, Jean Claude had sort of dropped off my radar but now he’s right back on it, so the ad is good for both parties.

Coors Light is pretty new to the UK, and in my honest opinion it’s not the best. To me, this puts a lot more emphasis on the success of their advertising campaigns, which have seemingly worked. In a country that already has several established brands, using Jean Claude could be a way to tempt an older male audience whose habits are already set in stone, whilst the humour appeals to everyone. Ali Pickering, Brand Director at Coors said; ” Sales have been very strong coming into the traditionally busy summer period in the UK. The strong marketing campaign, in which the Van Damme adverts have played a vital role, has really driven the brand’s growth over the last year.

“This confirms that now is the ideal time to launch the new instalment of adverts to push sales even further.”

So I guess I can look forward to seeing more.

I can’t help thinking, though, that if we were having a better summer here in the UK, the advert might have had a greater impact because it certainly makes me crave the ice cold refreshment of a Coors Light. I guess we’ll never know unless the picks up.

“Take my breath away, boom boom.”


2 thoughts on “Coors Light | Jean Claude Van Damme | Imprints

  1. Is the film you’re thinking of Kickboxer? 🙂
    They are great ads – like you said, silly and fun! From what I’ve read of American audiences reactions to the ads (this is a strictly UK campaign), it leaves them rather baffled and gets luke warm reviews. But it seems to have taken off really well in the UK. The ads aren’t trying too hard to be quirky and it gets the brand message out in a simple and effective way. Welcome back, JCVD and his talking nipples!

    • Thanks for the reply. Yes! That’s the one, it’s all come flooding back now, great film, might watch it now. I didn’t know that about the American audience, I guess that backs up my “British” comment!

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