Results are in!

I woke up this morning and ran down stairs, in high anticipation that my results had arrived. I should have known better. Royal Mail rarely deliver on time. I had my breakfast – poached egg on toast, if anyone is wondering – and then got a shower.

Low and behold, I get out the shower and I see the post man strolling up the path. I refrained myself from opening the door and snatching the letter out of his hand, I’m too old for that now, but it was a hard one.

So, heart racing and all that, I ripped open my letter.

Two firsts (Digital Marketing, Marketing Communication Theory), a 2:1 (Principles of Marketing), and a 2:2 (Responsible Marketer). The latter is excusable. The unit had nothing to do with actual advertising or marketing, and half of the grade was writing about something called Foetal Alcohol Syndrome… Yeah, exactly.

But anyway! On to year two, move over Don Draper and hello future employers!


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