Nike Barbershop – Mario Balotelli.

Manchester City’s controversial striker, Mario Balotelli, features in Nike’s advert for “The Barbershop”.

Mario says that he wants to be remembered, so the rather swarve looking barber proceeds to give him the cut of the legends that have gone before him. Starting with Ronaldhino’s, and finishing with Carlos Valderrama, before giving him his own trademark mohican. I can’t quite remember who the blonde ones is, I thought it was Neymar at first, but the triangle is definitely the Brazilian Ronaldo, ha.

A rather comical ad, but I don’t think hairstyles have anything to do with being a great footballer.

Anyway, Mario will not be forgotten any time soon…


He set off fireworks in his bathroom, and nearly burnt the house down: TRUE

He went into a library and paid off everyones late fees: ?

He drove into a Sixth form school, and walked in to use the bathroom: TRUE

He dressed up as Santa in the week before Christmas, driving around Manchester giving people £20 notes: ?

He drove around Moss Side (bad area) in his £150k Maserati, with £20k on seat. When pulled over he was asked why, and he said; “Because I can”: ?

If you have any more mental stories featuring Manchester City’s number 45, feel free to leave them in the comments section below!


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