Visa Golden Space – Usain Bolt

I logged on today, and saw that my views over the past week have been consistently high, which is odd, because due to it being exam season, I’ve totally neglected it. The traffic has been coming through from searches for Usain Bolt. Which, coming up to the Olympics, is understandable.

I’ve seen Usain Bolt in a few Visa ads lately, most notably, the one where he is racing some guy through London to get to the stadium, just in time for the race. Ironic, because you’ll never get anywhere on time in London, not even if you’re Usain Bolt. But anyway, the advert got me thinking, about how incredibly similar it was to my proposed advert for McDonalds (it’s about half way down). Ok it’s in reverse, ok it’s not McDonalds, it’s Visa. But the concept is similar.

Just goes to show, I’m a first year ad student, but if I’m coming up with similar concepts to the agency that Visa have employed, then I must be on the right track.




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