Redemption – FA Cup Final 2012

Tomorrow, is the most important game of Liverpool Football Club’s 2011/2012 season. The Carling Cup was a nice addition, pulling us level with United’s trophy cabinet, and bringing us the first piece of silverware since 2006, but not only will securing the FA Cup take us ahead of United, but it’s 90 minutes for redemption.

There’s no denying it – our season has been awful. We were originally aiming for a top 4 spot of the table and into the Champions League, as far as I can tell, we’ve been lucky to stay in the top half.

Call it bad luck, call it bad finishing. There’s no excusing the lack of passion from half the players in the squad. In my opinion, that’s why so many fans are on their backs, and on Kenny’s back. But claiming a lack of passion for Liverpool Football Club on Kenny’s behalf is madness, we all know that.

I’m assuming that’s why people have stopping riding Carroll (people call him a donkey, bad pun, sorry), lately he has really been sticking his gut into it, for the first time I’m starting to see progress. Winning more headers, holding up the play better, having a few cheeky shots on goal. Good! That’s what I want to see, his passion, what we all want to see, his confidence is returning, and hopefully so is his form. It gives us something to cheer about. It can’t be nice having such a big price tag hanging over your head, he doesn’t need you all booing him.

To be won over by our fans, you have to look as if you’re putting your very life on the line as you chase that ball down. It’s why we hold Suarez so dear to our hearts, and Gerrard, they have so much passion for the club. And Suarez definitely owes us a lot, and we’re starting to see a return.

Suarez last week was fantastic, I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and in my opinion, that last goal really took the light from his first two, which had me almost equally in awe. The way he created them out of nothing, El Pistolero!

Jonjo has also started to get a little more game time, he was unlucky against Norwich – can I call it unlucky? It’s happened so many times – but again, we’re starting to see progress, he should have scored.

I have no words for Gerrard. He has carried the team so many times, all he wants to do is win. He will be our key man once again, tomorrow. I have faith in his link up play with Suarez and Carroll. I’m ecstatic up he’s committed the rest of his days to us, he deserves to go down next to Kenny, and the other Liverpool greats, as one of the most influential players ever to wear the shirt. We truly are, lucky to have him. – I guess I do have words for Gerrard.

Redemption. I believe this is perfect timing. We’re coming up against a very physical Chelsea side, but we can have hope in knowing that they currently a very busy schedule, and the fact they’re not actually that good, lets face it. Their recent form since Di Matteo has been nothing short of spectacular, considering their players, you’d think he would have given the fans something to shout about, but I guess not. Typical. I’d also like to thank Cisse, not only did he defy the laws of physics with one of the most brilliant goals I’ve ever seen, he stunned Chelsea, and broke their momentum.

Redemption. Our season has been awful, I said before that we lacked passion, which, for Liverpool Football Club, is a totally unheard of, but it’s true, and it’s taken some getting used to. I’ve just finished reading the book of our Captain, Stevie G, and in it, he details the importance of the FA Cup. I believe that tomorrow, we will see a different team than we’ve seen this season.

Redemption. On all three occasions that the Reds have beaten Everton in the Semi-Final of the FA Cup, we’ve gone on to lose. I’m choosing to look at this in a good way. We have never had such a bad season, I believe it’s time for change.

Redemption. What I witnessed on the 15th of April 2012, was disgusting. What moral person, or groups of people, would destroy a minutes silence. You have been silent for 50 years, could 1 more minute really have been that hard? They have trouble making noise when their team scores, yet they made an extra effort to ruin our minutes silence by chanting “murderers”. It is truly blood boiling, and just goes to prove that the Chelsea fans, really are, in a class of their own.

Our form against Chelsea has been great, we’ve won the last couple of games. It will be a hard game, but not impossible. Besides, I think Chelsea forgot how to play football when they headed off against Barcelona, it certainly would explain the 20% possession they maintained. Pathetic.

Tomorrow is a chance for redemption. If we go on to win, then our season will be a success, despite our league standing. For what is supposed to be a transitional season, to go out and win a trophy is fantastic. To win two is something to shout about.

The lads have a lot of motivation to go out and give the performance of their season tomorrow.

They owe it to the club, to the fans, to Kenny, and to the 96.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Passion vs. Plastic

Look at those fucking flags.

And if you’re still not motivated:

I’m not going to Wembley, I’m a broke-ass student who can’t afford it. But if you are, drop a comment in the box below! And I’d love to see your pictures, my Twitter handle is @anfieldtom7.

Don’t forget to share!

And lastly, if you’re travelling to London, stay safe.


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