King Kenny Dalglish

Today is the 5th of April. There’s nothing particularly special about the 5th, but as we get on through the month, an air of sadness begins to suddenly descend on the City of Liverpool, more specifically Anfield. For the 15th will mark the 23rd anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster.

Liverpool fans both old and young know of the Hillsborough Disaster, and of the metaphorical lashings the whole of the city received from The Sun. So there’s no need to go into it.

Kenny Dalglish has always been there for us at Liverpool, he has given us a huge amount over the years. To quantify; he joined Liverpool in 1977, winning 7 league titles, 3 European cups, and 5 domestic trophies. In 1986, he became player-manager, winning 3 more league titles and 2 FA Cup’s before resigning in 1991.

At the time of the Hillsborough Disaster, Dalglish helped ensure that there was club representation at each of the funerals, and attended many himself, sometimes 5 a day. As the Independent so rightly put it, he was, ” Liverpool’s shining light in their darkest hour”.

He’s also done a lot of charity work. Him and his wife founded the Marina Dalglish Appeal, which in 2007 reached it’s target of £1.5 million and opened the Oncology Centre at the University Hospital in Aintree.

Last year, when our club was in jeopardy, Dalglish, once again, received the call of duty whilst on a cruise liner somewhere off the coast of Dubai, dropped everything, and got the first flight home. He became Liverpool’s manager for the second time, and once again shook the Kop.

Steve Rotheram MP, even called for his knighthood, saying:

“It is not only for his outstanding playing and managerial career, but also the charity work he has done with his wife, Marina, for breast cancer support and what he did after Hillsborough.”

I agree.

Some of Dalglish’s recent decisions have been a subject of criticism, most notably, the Luis Suarez case and the T shirts. I, for one, believe he did nothing wrong. I could go on for days about the incident, but I’ll hold my tongue, or fingers.

Back to it, Dalglish’s handling of the case has inevitably drawn criticism, with  a club of such high profile it is bound to. You can argue his decision all you like, but I choose to look at it a different way, an indisputable way. Dalglish, once again has shown true loyalty. Loyalty to the club, loyalty to the fans, loyalty to the players. Liverpool’s motto “you’ll never walk alone” is personified in Dalglish, so you should not be surprised when he gives his full support to his colleague, his friend, in a time when he is under fire from practically the whole of Britain.

Lately, as Liverpool FC drop further and further down the table (sad face), I’ve been accused of blind loyalty, of my judgement being clouded by Dalglish’s  accolades for the club. That he’s lost it, and he’s ruining us. It’s almost as if everybody has forgotten the state the club has been in in recent years, the downward spiral that has made our club a – dare I say it – laughing stock.

We’ve had a poor run of form lately, our worst since the 50’s in fact. But the venom that has been directed at Kenny by some of the fans is truly disgusting, and totally unwarrantable. You expect it from the media, but not from us. Before Dalglish came back we weren’t playing like Liverpool, and losing. Now, we’re still losing, but we’ve gotten the ball on the floor and it’s looking a lot nicer, classier. We’ve brought in a tonne of new players, created numerous chances and how many times have we hit the post?!

Our problems don’t lie with Kenny, our problems lie with converting, and confidence. We need to get behind our team once more, as we have done in the past. Turn up the volume, and instil that confidence our players require.

Shake the Kop again.

Remember half time at Istanbul?

The new signings might not have worked out just yet, but we’re a work in progress. The Roman Empire wasn’t built in a day, and I’m positive they came across some complications on the way up.

I said I’ve been accused of blind loyalty, but it’s not blind loyalty, it’s logic. You can’t expect to just buy a new team, sign a new manager, and expect to qualify for the Champion’s League after just one season. After all, imagine if Ferguson got sacked during their bad spell, it pains me to say it, but they wouldn’t be the team they are today. Recently, do you remember Arsenal calling for Wenger’s head? Look at them now.

Things take time, as Kenny said; “It is a modern idiom; you have social media which is instant and when you ask a question you get an instant reply”

Everything is instant now – even coffee. There is no way it is anything other than that.

But what has not changed at this club is the desire of the players to take the club forward and that is what we are trying to do.

I don’t think it will be done overnight, it won’t be done on Twitter, it will be done with a lot of hard work and that is what we are trying to do.

There is no success in football which is instant – you can forget instant.”

This year Kenny brought us the Carling Cup, our first bit of silverware since 2006. He’s also taken us to Wembley once more, for the semi-final against Everton in the FA Cup. How can you say he’s failed?

Kenny is the foundation of Liverpool Football Club.

It’s time for us to repay him, us the fans, and the team.

Time to repay him for everything he’s done for us, the support he’s given us.

As a team, as a community, as a family.

It’s time to rally the troops and man the trenches

How dare our beliefs be wavered? That is not us. Not LFC.

What a great sight it is to behold, the sheer emotion on Dalglish’s face as he faces the crowd, arms in the air cheering as we score, like a little school boy. A man on the verge of tears, for everything he does is for the club and the fans.

Let us stand by our man, as he has us.

Let us not let him walk alone.

And just remember:

Form is temporary, class is permanent.


One thought on “King Kenny Dalglish

  1. Here here ! Only played about 5 bad games under kenny , but have played better football since he came than we have for a few years , remember the second half of last season ! Anyone calling for his head so soon should start supporting chelski . Walk on

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