1 Hour With Lucas Leiva @LFC @LucasLeiva87 #TweetLucas

I am an avid Liverpool supporter. Sometimes I like to walk around Manchester with my LFC shirt on to provoke reaction. Stupid, I know, but what can I say? I’m incredibly proud of my team, even in light recent heartache that is, the league table.

You can imagine I obviously follow @LFC, because, as a football teams twitter account is expected to do, it gives us, the fans, daily news on our team. But @LFC like to go the extra mile, proof of this is that they recently won a Shorty Award in the #sportsteam category. You might not know what a Shorty Award is, but when you consider the list of winners; NASA (#government), Selena Gomez(#actress), Jonas Brothers (#band – *shudder*), Justin Bieber (#celebrity), you begin to realise how global these awards are, making @LFC’s victory a somewhat, prestigious accolade, especially when you take into account the colossal following and support which other Football teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man United and American Football teams have.

Back to the “extra mile”. Last week they had our old Spanish wonderkid Luis Garcia doing a Q&A, but this week, they had our new Brazilian wonderkid, Lucas Leiva, on hand – or should I say computer – to answer our questions.

Lucas is currently recovering from a season ending injury, which he picked up facing Chelsea in the Carling Cup quarter final back in November. We went on to win, so it wasn’t in vain, but that’s not to say our season hasn’t taken a major hit from it.

Here it is:

@karishdestroya how is your recovery going?

My recovery is going very well as planned and hopefully I will be ok for next season.

@JamesHandshaw Would you like to be captain one day?

It would be a fantastic achievement for me to be captain for such a big club like Liverpool but Stevie is the main one.

@_Niamhuss_  If you could describe the club in three words what would they be?

Massive, Successful, Supporters.

@M11N5H1 who is the best player of all time?

The player that i have seen is Messi but Pele got numbers that i don’t know if anyone will be able to beat.

@AnfieldReds_ What has been your proudest moment in a Liverpool shirt?

My proudest moment with the LFC shirt was when i received the award of player of the season from the fans.

@RuzannaAgger what do you like to do during your free time?

I like to go to restaurants, shopping and if the weather is ok i like to go for a walk with my family in the park.

@danno08 Who do you think has been our best player this season?

Suarez has been brilliant but Skrtel has been so consistent so he is my choice. Skrtel TERMINATOR

@Aaloo69 can u play in my 5-aside team this Sunday? U mite b sub cos my brother wants to play if he can find his astro boots

Well I can be the manager because at the moment I dont think i would be in any 5 aside team. I need to recover properly.

@AndryGerrard who is the best player in your position? in your opinion

I really like Gilberto Silva when he was at Arsenal and playing in the national team. He is very underrated

@JFVision Lucas, who has helped you the most at the club, through this tough injury?

I think it is a mix of everything: Family, Team Mates, Physios, Doctors, Supporters. All of them in different ways.

@sam_jack_riley Lucas out of all the #LFC players you’ve played with who would make ur 5 a side team?

In England you dont use a Keeper to play 5 aside so my team is Alonso , Gerrard, Lucas, Suarez and Torres…

… I will have to run a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

@Tyl3r_Smith Who’s got the best banter at Liverpool?

Maxi is a very funny guy.

@notevenscouse Is Pedro going to grow up as a scouser?

He is scouser!!! But if he speaks with scouser accent I will have to start English Class again haha.

@Baggsie13 How does it feel to have silenced so many of the critics (media outside of LFC) by just playing your game?

I never thought to silence anyone. I just work to be a better player everyday to show i could do well for LFC.

[Eastenders actor] @AdamWoodyatt EastEnders or Coronation Street?

I have never seen Eastenders but i am a big fan of Coronation Street…

… I am only joking because i never watched either.

@nealh49 what exercises are you doing now to get fit get fit soon?

At the moment i am doing a lot of Gym work to get my strength back to protect the Knee. My body weight also.

@B4SR4 If you wasn’t a footballer, what would you be?

I would probably go to university and try to be a Managing Director but for sure the best choice was to become a footballer.

@lfcpriya5 What do you think of the LFC supporters?

It think they are so passionate that’s why the atmosphere in Anfield is amazing.

@Rezaedr How do you feel to be injured and cannot play? What do you miss?

It is my first injury since i arrived so it is been very hard to watch games in the stands and not able to help my teammates.

@NunkAlhabsy will you end up your career at LFC?

We never know what is going to happen but at moment i am very happy here and would love to stay here as many years i can.

@PGJMatthews Beans on a fry up. Yes or no?

I never tried beans but i already have omeletes so i think it is a good progress. I will try beans this week and report it

@Nina_LFC Ronaldo or Messi?

If you mean Cristiano and not the brazilian striker then my answer is Messi.

@FearlessAndRed what is the best advice somebody has given to you?

Dont complain all the time just work as hard as you can and you will get the award.

@harryjones27 Lucas you have recently became the best defensive midfielder in the league. Have you changed anything to become so good?

I think I am stronger mentally and physically. I improved my aggression on the pitch .i am always trying to read the game

@Johnstu123Lfc Does Dirk Kuyt wear rollers before a game

No he doesn’t. He uses a lot of gel

@AmirulA7 Lucas, who’s your best mate here at Liverpool? And why?

The south american player became my best friends here at Liverpool because the culture is similar.

@prc1807 will you marry me?

I am sorry but i am already married and to have 2 wives would be very expensive hahahahahahhaaha

@LiamOT34 Who do you think is the best player in the Premier League at the moment?

I think David Silva is the best player at the moment.

@BringMeSomePie_ which country will you be supporting in the euro 2012 this year?

I have a lot of friends in different teams so i will be supporting all my team mates.

@CoreyLH What does it feel like hearing your name being sung around Anfield by the famous Kopites?

It is a very good feeling. I remember when i arrived and the Kopites used to sing the best midfielder in the world.

@ibunAyu how you describe King Kenny in 3 words?

Legend, Champion, Red.

@Noor_0211 Tell us something we don’t know about you…

Dirk Kuyt is my Landlord and he is very good. I am a perfect tenant hahahaha.

Dirk Kuyt is his land lord?! Jesus Christ! Wouldn’t want to make a late payment with him!

This level of engagement is incredible for brands, I know thousands weren’t answered, but the ones that were must have put a massive smile on interviewers face. Many people already have an emotional attachment to their team, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great for upholding and enhancing that connection.

I wish Lucas a strong recovery. And I thank @LFC & @JimmyRiceWriter for allowing me to use the interview.

That’s a Shorty Award and a Carling Cup that we have to claim this season, your move United!


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