Bear Grylls for Dockers

Bear Grylls, is probably my favourite person on this entire Earth, and now, he’s the face for one of my favourite pairs of khakis!

When Bear was in the military, he had a near paralysing accident during a routine parachuting exercise in Africa. It was the aftermath of this event that led Bear to want to go where very few men have gone before. At 23, Bear was the youngest person to climb to the summit of Everest, an ordeal which he barely escaped with his life.

He’s a truly fascinating feller, extremely humble, and very intelligent, which comes across in the below video.

If you enjoy a good book, then I recommend his autobiography, “Mud Sweat and Tears”. I bought it over the summer and only put it down once it’d finished. The book also helped me out of a very dark time, so thanks for that, Bear.


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