Japanese Facebook: Disaster Board

Facebook angers me sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, it has its uses; you can keep track of birthdays, events, share your holiday photos, and you can even look at your ex girlfriends new boyfriend.

But generally, it pisses me off. The whole thing is just a little too ostentatious for my liking… All people ever seem to do, is seek approval; if it is by posting that song that everyone already likes and knows, or the thousands of photos of the same 4 people in the same club they went to last week and the week before, titled by some “funny” quote that one of them blurted out, right before they puked up those 5 tequilas on their shoes.

They say social media was designed to help us find out more about each other. I’m sure I’m not the first to say that; “I’m not too sure we like what we’ve seen.”

Yet I can’t tear myself from it.

Now when I see something like this, though, my faith in social media instantly restored.

In hindsight of the recent natural disasters to plague Japan, Facebook’s developers have introduced the “Disaster Board”.

The disaster board is a function that Facebook has recently been testing, where users can check the safety of their friends and family in times of crisis. As you can see from the below screenshot, you have the ability to mark either the people you’re with, or yourself as “safe”.

You can even query the safety of people you know, receiving a message back from their friends if they have any info on their whereabouts! Brilliant.

Living in England, natural disasters are totally unbeknownst to me, thank god. But this is a huge step forward for society, and social media, in the places where this type of thing is a common occurrence. This is what Facebook should be made for.

According to SocialBakers.com, there are currently 6,767,860 Facebook users in Japan, ranking it 25th on the table, but it’s growing at a vast rate.

This feature will, I’m sure, save hours and hours used searching for people, as well as lift a heavy weight from the shoulders of friends and family.

Facebook have finally achieved something rather ingenious, a true eureka moment!

Seen here.


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