Usain Bolt is… Richard Branson

“Hi, I’m Richard Branson”.

Virgin Medias latest advert featuring Olympic Gold Medalist, Usain Bolt. Posing as Richard Branson, wearing a mock goatee and using his signature celebratory stance, this advert uses humour to deliver the message, “we’re faster than everybody else” – don’t worry ASA – I’m paraphrasing.

It works because; I believe shows great personality, that a man as powerful as Richard Branson can get the michael taken out of him. Bolt’s personality shines through too, he seems like one of the guys, and the Jamaican accent gets me every time.

Here’s a little background information; Usain Bolt ran his way to victory in 2008, picking up 3 gold medals and smashing his own world record in the process. You’d expect that such a finely tuned Champion have a strict, healthy, protein enriched diet, but no, not Usain.

For his breakfast on the morning of the 100 metre race, Usain Bolt was stuffing his face with McDonald’s! So I got to thinking before, and for the life of me, I cannot comprehend why McDonald’s haven’t jumped on this endorsement. Of course, there has been speculation that it was verbal endorsement, which was denied. However, I believe McDonald’s should be making a meal of this – pun intended. For all the flack they get for their food being unhealthy, Bolt is a prime example of how you can lead a healthy, balanced diet, yet not over indulge to the point of heart disease.

McDonald’s, if you’re reading, here is your next advert:

Usain Bolt, lining up on the track for the 100 metre sprint. BANG – the gun goes. It’s no competition – Usain wins hands down. But hang on – he’s still running. In fact, he’s just run right out the stadium, straight into the queue at McDonalds. (read in a heavy jamaican accent) “6 piece McNuggets meal, please!”

Or if you’d rather; (heavy Jamaican accent, once more) “Sausage and Egg McMuffin, please”. Cut to him sitting down taking a bite. “Breakfast of Champions”.

No need to thank me, I suspect my cheque is in the mail.

Does make me wonder though, how many athletes will be ditch the troths of pasta for some McNuggets this year?


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