A First Of Many…

Today I got my first First! Hopefully it’s a First of many in my three years at Manchester Met.

I want to say congratulations to everybody else in the Digital Media & Marketing Platforms unit! From what I hear, we all got a very respectable grade. The agency blogs that I’ve seen are remarkable, notably, our friends at 3rd Eye and Fudge Digital!

Tensions were definitely running high this afternoon, I was bouncing off the walls, we had all just previously got our Principles of Marketing assignment back but for me, this was the big one. The results were given to the theme of Jeopardy, which just intensified my own personal excitement ten fold, and as everybody around me was getting their paper back, I was starting to think Brendan had forgotten about us for a second…

The team got a First though! We also got a golden ticket – which I have no idea of the meaning. Apparently, all will be revealed in next weeks lecture, though we were told that we’re all being watched. So, Hi!

As you all probably know, today is Friday the 13th, renowned for it’s bad luck, but today, our team learnt that you make your own luck.

And thank you to my team, their combined efforts.


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