No Pictures, Please.

The other day I was out in town trying to do my Christmas shopping. I found a nice perfume which I was planning to come back and purchase. I have an awful memory, so I took a picture of said perfume. I received a tap on my shoulder:

“Please put your camera away, you’re not allowed to take photos in the store”

“Why not?”

“You’re just not. Please put your phone away or we’ll have to ask you to leave”

Can you believe it?

I was shocked. Stunned. Dumbfounded.

I had heard someone had recently been asked to leave a Tesco, that was because they were writing down prices.

All I was doing was noting what I was going to later purchase.

I shall take my pounds elsewhere then Boots. How do you like them apples?


2 thoughts on “No Pictures, Please.

  1. actually thats standard. your not allowed to take pictures of products at luxury brands to prevent creating counter fits. for example you can’t take pictures in Luis Vuitton to prevent the current collections being duplicated instantly in china. just an fyi

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