The Walk Of Shame – Harvey Nichols

Great advert from DDB London for Harvey Nichols promoting their womenswear line.
We’ve all been there right? I remember when I was a little younger and a lot less wise, coming home from a party at 7 o’clock one fine summers morning. Feeling slightly worse for wear, I thought it was a great idea to get down and have a nap in the middle of the pavement, face down, only to be awoken by the fierce calls from the milkman. I can only imagine how it looked, and how bad I smelt. Oh to be 17 again, right? Wrong.

But anyway, I think the message is; buy your clothes from Harvey Nichols. Then you can get absolutely wrecked but still come home looking beautiful and in time for the mail.

Agency: DDB London
Creative director: Jeremy Craigen
Creatives: Mike Crowe, Rob Messeter
Director: James Rouse


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