Littlewoods Christmas Ad – Disaster

Have you seen the new Littlewoods ad?


Users are claiming that it has shattered the illusion of Santa for their children, as well as destroying the meaning of Christmas by promoting using their store card to lavish each other with expensive gifts when times are hard.

Few comments from their blog:

“Well thank you littlewoods for ruining Christmas for so many. My daughter is 4 and this morning I had to try to explain why you’re saying ” Mum ” puts the presents under the tree not Santa. Totally irresponsible, completely unforgivable and I’ll never shop with u again. You disgust me!” – Jessica Turner

“Even if it wasn’t for the fact that you’re ruining the Santa illusion for hundreds of people’s kids without warning, I think this advert is disgusting for it’s blatant consumerism and emotional blackmail. Are you seriously telling mothers everywhere struggling with christmas spending in these difficult economic times that the answer to not being able to afford to buy Uncle Ken a HTC smartphone for Christmas is to put it on a littlewoods credit account to spread the cost!!???!! Shame on you for trying to cash in on people’s financial stress. Christmas is not a competition to see who can buy the most outrageously expensive presents.” – Beccy

“Really badly thought through ad, that one. What the hell were you thinking? Not only does it negate Father Christmas entirely, but also the childrens’ own fathers!! I suppose you thought you were being “right on” and PC by suggesting it was Mum who did it all, but frankly that’s insulting to the many fathers who DO bother to get involved, to say nothing of those who have no choice because they are lone fathers!” – Ann

Once again, Facebook groups have been made, most notably this one with 148 members.

How long before it gets pulled?


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