Manchester Christmas Market

If you’re in Manchester over the winter months,  you have to go to the award winning Christmas Market by the town hall. The Christmas Market has been in Manchester since 1999, getting bigger and more popular every year. The opening weekend brought in over 70,000 people to enjoy the various European cheeses, pastries, chocolates & decorations, prompting the stallholders to believe this will be the most successful one yet.

The Christmas Markets are on from 10AM – 9PM at night right up until the 21st of December so you have plenty of time to pop down there. I went down around 2 o’clock this afternoon and it was quite calm, I do not recommend going on the weekend as it’s sort of a “once you’re in, you’re in” situation.

They’re expecting around 1.5 million visitors, which will pump near £50m into the local economy as it does each year, around half of that comes from the amount of fudge I just bought.

A great place to go if you’re looking for any stocking fillers or other random oddities.

They have also a Twitter and a Facebook Page.

Sidenote: The “Death by Chocolate Truffle” are early entry to heaven.


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