The Vanishing Car – Volkswagen Invents Time Travel

To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary Golf, Volkwagen have created a new Facebook Campaign called “The Vanishing Car”.







“The Vanishing Car” starts with two videos:

Video 1: A woman showing the staged audience their new car and introducing them to the drivers, the car then drags across the room and disappears, leaving behind it a trail of flames, some very shocked people and the words “To be continued at VolkswagenUK (Facebook page logo).

Video 2: Following from the drivers point of view using their head cams, showing them do the stunt and end up back in time, where they meet a pair of shocked designers as they’re going over the original GTi.

Later videos have shown the car making a few “cameo” roles on the roads of the past, these can be seen from the Facebook page.

This is a one of a kind campaign where you will be expected to “like” their Facebook page follow the drivers as they revisit history, it’s very interesting and I can’t wait to watch it unfold.


4 thoughts on “The Vanishing Car – Volkswagen Invents Time Travel

  1. Reminds me of a viral marketing campaign I studied at A Level Media. We looked at Batman Begins (Recent Sequal) and about how they distributed Joker cards accross toy shops in US, linking them to websites such as – which of course is a phrase used by the Joker. This advert engages the audience and cleverly pursuades them to follow them through social media, which is smart. I like it, check out the Batman Begins one if you get chance!

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