Goliath vs Goliath – Google Music to take on iTunes / Unreleased Rolling Stones!

Google Music has been released today and is set to take on iTunes in a clash of the titans.

They are currently boasting contracts with 20 huge record labels including EMI, Universal and Sony but currently having a 13 million track library it’s nothing to iTunes’ 18 million. You have to start somewhere though right?

With it comes Google +’s answer to the Spotify-Facebook connection with its integration with Google Music, users will be allowed to share full length tracks and even albums with people in their circles without the need for purchase for a free “full-play”. They are also giving new users 1 free track a day to help promote their service

“The Google offering will meet many customers’ needs, and even a tiny percentage of the market would be good business.”Ezra Gottheil of Technology Business Research

Of course there’s a long way to go to catch up with Apples huge market share but it sure is trying, they are hoping this will be the game changer when it comes to attracting users to +

A brilliant advert, showing the history of how we have listened to music. If it was me who made it I would have thrown in iTunes just before the demonstration of Google Music.

Of course another motive is to keep music sharing legal, though with this top comment on their YouTube video I doubt it’ll change that any time soon.

“I’ll stick to uTorrent thanks”

[EDIT, I just checked back and the comment was removed]


It DOES look promising but then again so did Google+.

What do you think? Will Google Music become bigger than iTunes? Or will people be reluctant to use it because every body has cemented their roots with in Spotify, Facebook and iTunes? I’m going to support it when it comes over to the UK by applying the same rule I apply to life; “nobody likes change, but for great things to happen you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone”. They’ve also teamed up with the Rolling Stones and will be releasing unheard live tracks from some of their greatest concerts, well played Google.

Maroon 5 at the launch of Google Music in LA


2 thoughts on “Goliath vs Goliath – Google Music to take on iTunes / Unreleased Rolling Stones!

  1. Interesting post Tom, very informative. I most likely will stick to iTunes though, as although your rule is a good one, in this particular case I think if it’s not broken then why fix it.

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