Castrol & Cristiano Ronaldo

Earlier today, Castrol announced that Cristiano Ronaldo has extended his contract as the ambassador of their brand.

For those unsure what Castrol is, it’s a high performance oil and lubricant for cars, having Cristiano as the face of their brand is fitting because he is definitely a machine.

“Just as Ronaldo’s performances inspire confidence in his fans and team mates whenever he steps onto the pitch, Castrol Edge gives customers the confidence to drive how they want, whenever they want, whatever the conditions.” – Mike Johnson, Castrol Executive Vice President

This is the original advert from back in 2009 and it’s by Ogilvy Cape Town. It shows Ronaldo playing & driving through all different weathers, showing how their motor oil will continue to work perfectly in every condition as he does.

Castrol also made a 40 minute long documentary where they analysed what makes Ronaldo tick, it was shown around Europe and China apparently but I can only vouch for Liverpool. It’s really interesting, the guys amazing. He truly loves what he does and his passion is often mistaken for immaturity, I challenge you to find anybody more dedicated than him.


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