My Favourite Christmas Advertising Campaigns 2011

In a follow up to my previous post about Christmas I’ve decided show you the latest adverts in circulation in order of my favourite.



 I do love this one and the the twist at the end is unexpected. I guess that’s why they call it a twist…

The little kid is great I could really connect to him, well I could up until he ran past his presents. They use a Smiths song which is odd as it’s being used in a material context, far from what the Smiths will have intended it for I’m sure but it’s an emotive cover none the less.

This advert is something we can all connect with, that painstaking countdown until Christmas, finished off with the tag line “for the gifts you can’t wait to give”



I love M&C Saatchi‘s work, I absolutely love Star Wars and this is both brilliantly directed & funny so this advert wins joint first place in my eyes.



Waitrose have got a Harry Potter theme going through this advert with Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith. Well produced advert, with Heston taking the role of the potions master due to his reputation for whacky recipes I guess.



Short and simple, brilliantly directed and I love the concept of “If only you could bottle it” (your memories). It has been proven and I can vouch for it, smell is incredibly powerful when it comes to nostalgia, I even have a Christmas air freshener from Air Wick which I get every year (it’s the mulled wine one, love it)



This is Boot’s new Christmas Advert for 2011, it’s using a secret-agent, Mission Impossible, objective sort of style. It fits in with their latest bunch of adverts and reminds me of how crazy my mother used to get around Christmas.


Somewhere in last

This is extremely biased, I’m not going to post the advert from Marks & Spencer because quite frankly I can’t stand X-Factor. Bias aside, I do understand why they were used, on their opening weekend this year they gathered 12.4 million viewers. Just because I hate it doesn’t mean others will and to be honest it is pretty well directed. More recently they’ve had to edit out the wannabe “Rock Star” Frankie Cocozza after he caused quite a stir being kicked off X Factor. Apparently he was boasting about taking illegal substances in front of the producers, pretty stupid. Whether it was a publicity stunt because they knew he wouldn’t win or maybe he genuinely is that stupid (wouldn’t surprise me) I don’t really care, nothing like trying to run before you can walk huh? If you really want to view it the link is here


I think that covers them, if I see any others I’ll be sure to post them! I’m going to post the classics as well next, I’m thinking you can guess which one will be first.


7 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Advertising Campaigns 2011

  1. Hey Thomas – Ive seen you liked one of my posts so I thought Id check your blog out!
    Great post although Ive got to say .. Currys!? I see where your coming from – its a xmas great ad. But as soon as I see Darth Vader and hear the famous Star Wars intro music I think of the Volkswagen ad they did with a Star Wrs spin off! Im not sure if thats been 100% successful.

    Keep up the good work!

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