Holidays Are Coming

Ho! Ho! Holy crap it’s Christmas soon, 42 days to be precise! I do love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year. I have such fond memories as I’m sure you all do but I’m going share my favourite one with you:

I think it was around 13 years ago so I guess I would have been around 7/8 years old. It was Christmas Eve. I was completely worn out, you would have been too if you had spent a full day since your waking moment bouncing off the walls like an animal (I challenge anybody who doesn’t believe in evolution to have witnessed that day and still hold faith, I knocked our species back a few thousand years).

Inevitably I had gone to bed early, of course I awoke prematurely around two o’clock in morning and was right wide awake again. I had a little clock next to my bed so I was aware of the time and I was also aware of the beating I would get from my mother if I tried to wake her, so doing what any overly excited/curious 7/8 year old kid would do I tried to sneak downstairs and boy was I in for a shock.

As I got to the top of the stairs I looked down, (bearing in mind it was fairly dark aside from the Christmas lights around the front door), and there were a set of eyes looking up at me!

What was this? Rudolph! It must have been! As I crept down a few more stairs I peeked into the living room and what did I see? Father Christmas. I’m telling you I did, my mum says I dreamt it but I’m still convinced, it felt as real as to me as writing this, so much so I can remember it vividly to this day. Then again, I do have one hell of an imagination.

Merry Christmas from Frank Sinatra & friend!

But anyway, it’s the start of November so why am I talking about Christmas? Well, I’ve just got this through the post today so it’s just upped the ante. I can’t wait to be dancing around my apartment listening to these classics through the crackle of my record player as I’m putting up my decorations.

Do you have a favourite Christmas time memory? If so pop a comment down below! I’d love to hear it!


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