How We Made Our Millions

It’s currently 2:15 AM. I’m sitting here straining to keep my eyes open but it’s been worth it so far.

I logged onto Twitter earlier and saw a tweet from Peter Jones,

“Unreal feedback.Going to stop saying thanks in a minute but your comments are so bloody kind.So,Thank you for watching #howwemadeourmillions (@dragonjones)”

So I found it on BBC iPlayer, what an excellent program that was! Very insightful, they definitely need to turn it into a series. I saw a lot of similarities in Michelle Mone (of Ultimo) and myself, she’s very bossy, organised and business

orientated with it even leaking into personal life. I’m also more impressed by the work Innocent have done for their brand and charitably, there was a lot of things I didn’t know about them which is odd because they’re so often used as examples in my course. I’m feeling heavily inspired, so much so that I wish it wasn’t nearly half two in the morning, then I could make a coffee, grab my notepad and rack my brain to think of a new way to change my life and my environment. I know it doesn’t quite happen like that, but maybe in time. Though I do suggest to anybody who has any sort of entrepreneurial flair to watch this so we can be inspired in unison, then team up to eventually take over the world.

You can find it here from BBC iPlayer – Peter Jones: How We Made Our Millions.



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