M&S Christmas Ad 2013 ft. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & David Gandy

I had to break my radio silence for this one, as I think it’s quite possibly taken the 2013 Christmas Crown. This wonderfully charming ad for M&S with the ever-delightful Ms Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and the are-you-sure-he’s-actually-human Mr David Gandy, had me captivated from the offset.

Beautifully shot and scored, this homage to Alice in Wonderland encapsulated the magic of Christmas wonderfully, but I couldn’t help wondering what their children would look like…

Abitab – Luis Suarez ad

Everybody’s favourite pantomime villain, Luis Suarez, is up to all his old tricks in his latest ad for Abitab. Due to current events involving Mr Suarez, his mouth, and my beloved Liverpool Football Club, I am not currently his number one fan. But as he seeks greener pastures, this ad softens the blow tremendously, and reminds me of the wile character I fell so in love with.

PS. All can be forgotten, Luis.


UPDATE: @edflinkinp was kind enough to subtitle the ad.